TONGDING machinery Co,.Ltd.

TONGDING Machinery Co,.Ltd. is a leading company specializing in the manufacture and sales of Mixing Machines and Dryers.

We persists in implementing the strategy of improving the competitive ability of our products, relying on a strong R&D team that keeps forging ahead in an innovative way, aiming to be at the forefront of technology, and constantly updating our HI-TECH innovation capability of the corporation...

Our main products include

TTDS Series Industrial Powder Dryer

TDSJ Series Dry Mortar Production Line

TDP series liquid mixer disperser

TDF series Powder and liquid packaging machine

Provide free sales service of mortar formula, latex paint formula and various food chemical additives

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Sand Dryer

Drying | Collecting Dust | Screening
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Dust Collect System

Pulse Dust Collector


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